Saturday, July 21, 2012

Veterans Retirement Home

I went and visited my Grandfather today.  He has recently move to a Retirement home.  He has been in the hospital for 6 months, and won't be returning home.  He had pneumonia at Christmas, then C-Diff shortly after that.  I've seen him waste away during the last six months from a health man to a frail one.

The facility he has been moved to is fantastic.  I'm sure he would rather be home, but since he can't be, he's at the Sunnybrooks' Veterans Retirement Residence in Toronto.

Today, and everyday they have entertainment.  Someone comes in and plays music and sings for the residents.  Some of the Vets really got into it.  A couple was dancing, another women closed her eyes as she relived memories from the past. The guy playing was really quiet good.

They show movies, they have a pub on site, beautiful gardens, friendly staff and the residents are happy.

All are Veterans, and various facilities are donated by organizations for the services the veterans provided over the years.  For example, there is a gazebo that was donated by the wine club from Bordeaux, France for the freedom our Canadian Soldiers gave their country.

I hope he will be happy there.  He will receive extra therapy to help him get stronger, and personal care that he wouldn't get at other facilities.

My aunts and l were there today, and l could see that he was happy for us to be around him.  That is one good thing about me being back in my home city.


  1. I'm glad he's relatively happy and well taken care of. This is also a reminder to us to live life NOW rather than waiting.

    While your Grandfather is a bit older than us, health issues can arise at any age and it would be a shame to miss out on life because we waited for a "better time."

    1. Maria, so true. See my post today......might be dancing with the idea of travel again!