Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Houdini

Now this cat may not look like Houdini the famous magician,

but she has the same skills as the real Houdini.

I went to work tonight at 6pm.  Locked up the van with the cats in it.  Of course it is warm out so l had the windows open.  The driver and passenger side windows down about 3 inches.  The side door ones that open on a push out system,

like the window on the right.  And the two back windows also on the same push out idea.  I had the windows covered in with reflective so the temperature was comfortable in the van, with a very nice cross breeze happening.

When l came back to my van at 1am, Charlie the Houdini cat was outside, hanging out by my wheels, waiting for me.

I have no idea how long she was out there.  I'm glad no one picked her up as a stray.  Of course she is a bit skittish, so she wouldn't let anyone approach her l am sure.  I have a feeling she got out of the back windows by climbing on the toilet and squeezing out.  It must have been a sight to see.

What a cat.  Little bugger!!!


  1. Mine make attempts at squeezing out of those windows all the time. Glad she stuck around and no one picked her up. I'm scared to death to let mine out without a harness

  2. Cherry mine go out all the time loose....they always come back. My two cats are kind of like dogs...l can call them and whistle and they come back....sometimes a little more on their schedule....but that's only if they have been cooped up all day. I always let them outside for an hour or two everyday. If its cool out and l have my sidedoor closed they will scratch on it to come in. Love those cats!(

  3. See what you get for leaving them home alone all day!

    Was he slightly annoyed that it took you so long to get there and let him in?

  4. Found your blog through Cherry's page. I left my kitty behind and it's so cool to see people travelling with them (I am still stunned at how Cherry is doing it...stunned). I thin I will take him with me next time thanks to people like the two of you.

    Great blog, I am following!

  5. Maria, nah, Charlie was just happy to be outside. Now if someone came by that scared her while l was working, she might have been a little ticked off at me, however, she just loves the outdoors.

    Hi Travelling Man. Thanks for following. Yeah, l don't know how Cherry does 6 cats, she must be continually changing the litter....I was worried about how they would do but they have turned into quiet understanding cats.