Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tossing Cookies in a Van

I tossed my cookies this morning, and no, l wasn't baking.

I'm not sure what caused it.  There has been 'something' going around at work, not sure of the details of it, since "l don't get sick", l haven't really paid attention to the symptoms.

As most of the rest of North America, we are in a stinking hot heat wave.  I am at a campground since l am off and l needed to dump my black tank, so l have electricity and ran my air-conditioner yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday was so hot, with the humidity, the air-conditioner hardly made a difference.  The poor kitties were panting.  I have made arrangements for them to stay at a friend until Friday since it's only going to get worse, the weather man says.

I cooked pork chops and beans last night (once it cooled down a bit). I don't think it is food poisoning since it was only 7 hours after l ate that they came back up.  Food poisoning takes longer to kick in.  And it was only the one time (the cookie tossing part).  I have had food poisoning once before, and it was no picnic, and was a whole day affair.  And believe me, having food poisoning once is enough, and l am very careful of what l eat because of it.  I had it over 20 years ago, and the memory is still with me!!

Maybe it is because of the heat.  I feel fine now.  I had a headache last night, but that has subsided.  Who knows the reason, l am just grateful the headache and the throwing up is gone.

As l was laying in bed, l thought, okay, I'm going to be sick.  I have wondered what it would be like living in a van and getting sick.  I am hooked up to water today, but even if l wasn't, l have my fresh water tank, so l would have access to water.  I have a toilet, and all that a house would have, so why was l worried?  I can still get cozy in my van, and actually, it's not too far of a dash to the toilet, closer then any houses' would be.  LOL

The only problem would be if l was parked somewhere where l had to move by a certain time.  Even then, l haven't run into that yet.  It's mostly me who figures out it's time to move, not wanting to push my luck, or over stay my welcome.  Besides, who would kick out a person throwing up?

So another first in the van.  Nothing to worry about.  Glad it didn't last too long.

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  1. I've had "bad" food kick in after just a few hours so it could have been that, combined with the heat that set you off. I've also been known to go to sleep with a bucket (just in case).

    Glad you're feeling better and even gladder that you've successfully made it through yet another first!