Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, Monday

I am spending my most comfortable Monday day back in my van, the weather is very comfortable, a perfect summer day.

I woke up early, l still am on my old  schedule of early rising, even though l go to bed late now because of work. Also, my one cat, Tommy is also on the early rising schedule and starts demanding his morning treat as soon as l open an eye in the am.  Charlie could care less about the treat, and is undemanding.  I look forward to the nap l will have later on in the day.

We are hanging out beside the field at the Lowe's parking lot with the doors and windows open. The cats are coming and going as they please, they are quiet content to do that.

Every day this lifestyle becomes easier.  I don't think about (as much) as what 'they will think' (Walmart, Lowe's or anywhere else l park) as to me parking on their property to sleep or as now, to let the cats out.  Why?  Because, no one seems to care!

I'm not leaving trash, I'm not blocking their business, l am tucked away where no one parks, I don't blast music, cause problems, l basically think about them, by not overstaying my welcome, and carry on with my day.

I work tonight, but don't need to think about that until about 3pm.

It's a good life.


  1. That's exactly how I want to feel! Do you stay at the same place each night or do you bounce between several?

  2. Maria, I mostly stay in the same place (Wal-Mart), but l do have back up just in case.