Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Change Of Scenery

l have a change of scenery everyday, it might be the same scenery from different angles, however it still changes.  This morning I was up for a real change.  A little further away from the city of Toronto.
Today, l went for a drive, and l headed north.  My black tank needs to be emptied (it's been three weeks), and l wanted to get out of town.  The weather is supposed to be cooler, or shall l say seasonal for this time of year, although much needed rain is expected later tonight, l still want to get away.

The cats are looking for some new territory to explore, and l wanted some entertainment. So I've headed to our local - out of town - casino.  I knew Casino Rama had a big parking lot to park the van in, and their is a campground nearby to dump my tanks in the morning.
                              Fiona is in the very back beside the watershed pond and forest.

                                                                    Looking to the left
                                                                     Looking to the right

I've got lots of company in the parking lot, and the cats have room to explore.  I am so glad l got here around 2 pm this afternoon, since l was able to snag a pretty sweet spot.  Nice and private, and if l only look out the side door, you would think l was in the forest, not a concrete parking lot.

                                                    Tommy and Charlie out and about

         Pretty nice spot, isn't it?  They even have pine cones strewn about for a nice effect.

Oh.....and it's all free!!!!  And l don't have to worry about overstaying my welcome in the Walmart parking lot if l choose to sleep in tomorrow!!!!  The casino has restaurants, and free beverages.  And if l do well at the Black Jack tables, l might just come out ahead!!


  1. Sounds like a fun change of pace. Put a buck or seven on the roulette wheel number 17. Wait, does it have a number 17?

    How far north did you go?

  2. Hi Tammy:
    The first rest area as you drive north on the 400 (was a Petro Canada) used to have a free dumping station.


    1. I know they have just done some renovations at that reststop.....but l will check out if the dump station still exists. I haven't found it mentioned on any other websites....but that doesn't mean anything.

      Thanks for the heads up!