Tuesday, July 10, 2012

400 Watt Inverter Deal

Look at the 400 watt inverter that l purchased at Costco for a grand total of $14.97.  A fantastic bargain.

I bought one last week from another store, a 300 watt at $27.99, which  I will be returning today in light of this great deal.

Speaking of lights.....another great deal, three head lamps at Costco for only $9.97.

I have one already, and l love it.  Why would l buy another 3.  Lets just say, they were cheaper then me buying batteries for the one l have.  I will give one or two away to friends also.


  1. I love those headlamps. Im planning to use one in the van too. You got some great deals!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the inverter. I've been looking for one. I imagine your van is like mine - the 110 outlets only work when plugged in which can be a pain the ass sometimes. I didn't even think to looks in a Costco or Sams's club. It's on my list now.

  3. Michelle, yeah l love those head lamps also.

    Cherry, l believe all RV's are like that with their 110 outlets only working with shore power or generator. Costco and Sams are good for Deep Cycle batteries too.