Wednesday, July 18, 2012


People have lost their ability to adjust to the heat of the summer by living in such an air-conditioned environment.  I believe l have regained some of that ability.

Even though yesterday we broke all kinds of records, it has been the hottest day of the year, l didn't think it was that bad. Of course, l consumed lots of water and sweat most of it back out, l wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as the beginning of all these heat waves.

I drove a friend to pick up his vehicle yesterday and he complained the whole way of how hot it was in the van, and l hardly noticed.  My dash-board air-conditioning just can't compete with the hot temperatures. 

The friend was even so nice to try and re-charge the air-conditioner, but the van is so old that he didn't have the proper attachment.  I didn't mind him not being able to do it, l didn't find it all that hot. 

I'm hoping in the winter it will be the same, l won't feel the cold as much as if l lived in a sticks and bricks home.  I'm relying on my blood thickenings come November.


  1. As long as I have air flow I don't mind no a/c. Plus when you sweat it releases toxins which has to be good. You should charge people for visiting your sauna!

    1. IT'S NOT THAT BAD MARIA....LOL remember l have a ton of windows for the amount of interior space. No sauna here!

  2. Just a small bit of trivia for you when it comes to the cats and cold. Cats put out about 65 BTUs of heat at rest. When I first started in the van temps were dropping into the 20s and I slept comfortably ever night with no heater. I have a few more cats than you but I stayed snug as a bug.

    I'm thankful my AC in the dash has been converted but it's not charged and I likely wouldn't use it much if it was. Conversion kits are relatively cheap (compared to a new compressor and all that)

    1. I will have to look into that conversion kit...but honestly l might not be too motivated as long as l am adjusting to the heat OK.

      In April l was enjoying the kitties snuggling on the bed with me, I thought it was a mutual benefit for all of us. :-)