Monday, July 30, 2012

Attacked While Sleeping

Yes, l am guilty of  headline exaggeration like the CNNs and The National Enquirers of the world.

Everything has to be sensationalized, to get you to tune in or click on the link. I think it is because we are all inundated with information that so much gets missed and so many places are competing for your "views" that news sources have resorted to sensationalizing everything,  even to the point where the titles really don't  have anything to do with the story.

At least my title does have something to do with the my story.

I am getting attacked by mosquito's in the middle of the night while l sleep.  I have so many welts on my body from the little buggers.  I do have screens on my windows, but they must manage to get through.....or it could be from when l let the cats in and out of the van when l get home from work.

I try to kill all the little buggers before l sleep, however the welts show me that l am not quite successful.  Thank God, my body doesn't over react to them and are never really itchy.


  1. But you need to be aware of Lyme disease. Do you have a vent on top and maybe there's no screen where the fan is. I'd check all spots where there is even an tiny crack. Well because they are tiny buggers.There was another blogger who said they came in from his stove vent so I'd check ALL vents!! Good Luck!

    1. Michelle, we don't have lyme disease here, however an occasional little bugger has been found to have West Nile Virus. Call me crazy, but it's not top on my list of concerns.

  2. Thats what I meant the West Nile Virus. Nah your not crazy. I got bit a few times it doesn't really worry me either.