Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fiona Was Low in Vitamin B (for Battery)

Fiona is running like a top now.  It was her battery.  Who would have thunk with all the signs l had that it would have been that.  If l had only known, l would have bought one and replaced it myself.

Her symptoms hit her hard and fast.  There was no reason to think it was her battery.  Nothing was left on from when l shut her off, to 4 hours later when l went to start her again.  There was no tick tick ticking when l tried to start her, the noise that you usually hear when a battery has run out of juice.

I would have thought it was the battery if the same symptoms didn’t happen 3 months ago after l just had the new starter installed.

The good thing is by having the mechanic do it, l know that my alternator is running fine.  It was checked by his handy dandy tools, and all systems are a GO.  Yeah!!!

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