Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Okay, nothing like having a dead van that won't start and a Full Black Tank.

I've always known l can hold my bladder for a long time if need be.  My friends and l call it "waitress bladder", since when you work in a restaurant (which we have done) sometimes there just isn't time to go 'relieve' yourself, so you hold and go.

I've done whole shifts where l don't even think of going to the bathroom until l have a minute to breathe.

Where am l going with this??  I think my beat my own personal best last night.  I held it for 13 hours.  It wasn't that bad, and l could have visited the facilities earlier if l needed to.  And then of course, there is always the "emergency" measures.....


  1. I was wondering how you manage the water supply. Having a full black tank and a non-running van would be awful, but I'm more interested in how you manage the fresh water and make it last.

    That's one thing I'm thinking about lately, as I feel like women have more water needs than men for some reason.

  2. It's amazing how little water you do need when you put your mind to it Maria.

    I do fill up my water bottles when l get a chance. Even when l lived in a sticks and bricks house l would always reuse my water bottles with tap water. I just liked the portability of the bottle.

    You have to make a consious effort to use less, but after the first couple days, it becomes second nature.