Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joined The GoodLife

This is the good life, change of scenery when you want, no rent to pay, however what l mean by l joined the GoodLife, is l join the GoodLife Gym.

Now that l know where l will be working it was time to arrange a place for a warm shower whenever l want one.  The gym is right across from my work.  How's that for convenience?  Pretty damn spiffy in my opinion.

It's a 24 hour gym, which is cool, but l really don't see me using it at any of those odd hours, but just in case, l have it if l need it.

And maybe as a side effect, l can loose the extra weight l gained when l was travelling by plane around North America for 9 months.  That would be a very nice bonus, indeed!


  1. I'd probably only be there at the odd hours :P

    Very cool on the weight loss goal. I decided to get serious myself recently and when I finally braved the scale - well, let's just say it wasn't pretty!

    Gonna post some before/after pics? I will if you will :)

  2. lol...Maria...l wont post the before and after, but l will privately e-mail you. Are you game??? Let me know!