Friday, June 22, 2012

Too Hot Baby

Well, l ended up leaving my cats at my sisters house until this heat wave passes.  Whew, it's hot.

The air is hot, the breeze is hot, it's just plain hot.  There is an extreme heat advisory in effect with temperatures reaching into the 115 range with the that means, no it's not a DRY is a most uncomfortable heat! :-)

Last night l was in the van by myself, no kitty cats.  I missed the little buggers.  Even though when l finish work l spend a couple of hours giving into their demands of "outside" time a the Lowes parking lot. 

I'll pick them up in a couple of days once the heat breaks.  They are saying only one more day of it.

It was warm for me last night, but nothing too bad.  Daytime is a different matter.  Today l work from noon until 9pm, so l will miss the day in the van (l'm okay with that since it will hot as hades).

1 comment:

  1. One of the advantages of living mobile is you can escape the heat. Harder to do of course when you're tied to a city with a job.

    Dang we both need to get out of that rut!

    Good thing the kitties are nice and cool though :)