Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fixed Some Things on Fiona

I took the opportunity to fix some things on Fiona today. 

The drivers side door handle had come loose, so l purchased some screws from my friendly neighbourhood Lowe's (l also have been squatting there in the evenings using their Wi-Fi and their great big field for my cats to run around).

My house battery hasn't been holding too big of a charge, not that l have run it flat since l do drive during the day.  Previously l had noticed that it needed to be topped up with water, so l bought some distilled water and opened the back to gain access to the battery.  As you can see, not the easiest access because of the box l built.  Only to discover that, when l poured the water in, once l reached a certain level, water came out.

When l moved the battery a while ago, l did notice some acid leaking out of it, so l guess it's time for a new one (how do l know it was acid?  My jeans are now holy!)  At least both the starting ( replaced two weeks ago) and the house will be the same age (almost) when l replace the back one in the next couple of days.  I hear Costco is the best place to buy a battery, so l will check out their prices.

I also took off the back rest of the sofa.  I have never liked the sofa, it was never wide enough to cuddle up on with a good book. And it was a pain in the ass to make up every morning and night.  Actually, that wasn't such a pain, but once it was made into the bed, it was hard to navigate around the van, so it was the very last thing to be done before bed.  And once it was put back into the sofa position, it was uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. I was contemplating ripping out the whole thing and just putting a platform with a twin mattress on it. 

However recently I discovered that all l needed to do was undo four bolts and the whole back rest would come off and l would then have a platform 33 inches wide.  Smaller then a twin bed but enough for me.  Enough for me to sit on comfortably and read a book AND still be able to get around the van.  SWEET!!!

So now l have a day bed, l need to buy a couple more pillows, or at least upgrade the ones l have for more support.  I am so happy with this arrangement.

I have kept the backrest so if/when l need to replace the backrest l have the original.

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