Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Month

It's February, a new month.  A month closer to my departure time in the van.  I really wish l was home and packing and getting the van ready.  The time will come, faster then l think it will, standing where l am now.

Luckily, my time is grouped in two week segments with work, so time basically flies.  It would have nothing to do with me getting long in the tooth, of course.  I remember my Grandma saying years ago, that as she aged, she couldn't believe how fast time went in a day.  It would seem as though she would barely get anything done before it was time to make dinner.

So time flying and having my time grouped in two week segments. Each segment a little mini goal or destination to look forward to, it will fly for me.

Kamloops is a nice little town, it has theater, symphonies, is know as the tournament capital of Canada because of all the arenas, ball fields and great weather in the summer.  I didn't find a lot for me to do while l was here.  It snowed on the weekend so l couldn't really drive out and through the mountains.  Of course, l have been surrounded by them the whole 10 days.

I love towns with history.  Kamloops is a pretty young town.  I'm glad l came, and l would love to return during the summer so l can take advantage of the hiking in the hills, or the camping in the area.  Kamloops had some really cute little stores, but l am not buying anything when l need to go home and pare down all the stuff l do own.

As always, as my stint come to an end, my feet get itchy, and l am ready to leave.  I have a full day Wednesday and Thursday l fly out at 6pm to Vancouver and the red eye home for Friday am.

Of the two places l have visited in BC, Creston is the winner so far.


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