Monday, January 23, 2012

On The Road Again

It's good to be on the road again.  Some people may think that is crazy. And that's okay.  But l love it.  4 weeks at home with the gloomy skies and the cold weather was too long.

Toronto Airport was a treat since l didn't have to go through customs.  I grabbed a bite to eat, then got on the plane.  There were just two of us in a three seat section, so that was fantastic.  It is the little things in life you must appreciate!  For a five hour flight, it was a big bonus.  Most of Canada that l saw out the window was covered in snow.  It didn't look too deep, but l was flying at 37,000 feet (l could see green and brown along the way).

Vancouver airport seems nice and new.  I did a bit of circling looking for my gate, that part was a bit confusing.  First circle, l had read the monitors wrong, second and third, signs pointing in the gates direction - not so direct.   I had a half hour between flights.  Made the all important pit stop to the loo, then sat and waited for my flight to Kamloops.  The plane we were flying to Kamloops in was the smallest l have ever been on.  It was a prop plane, not the smallest out there but the smallest that l have been on.  It sat about 50 people.

Jazz Air ( a division of Air Canada) Dash - 8


I was just behind the wing, and had a good view of the wheels.  Boy, they take a pounding.  Speaking of pounding, on our decent to Kamloops we hit a bunch of turbulence.  Enough to evoke nervous laughter from some of my fellow fliers.  It was pretty extreme.  I was more worried about bonking my head on the window then worried about going "down".

I was a wee bit disappointed that my luggage didn't make the trip with me. I wish is was easy to loose 46 pound of fat as it is to loose your luggage!  :-)  There are a couple more flights coming in from Vancouver tonight, so l hope it hitches a ride on them and arrives at my hotel room in time for my meetings tomorrow.  Let's just say, l travel in comfort clothes, and not business attire.

My hotel room is fantastic, it's a suite.  I have a separate sitting room, and a big king bed in the bedroom.

I'll get some pictures tomorrow of the scenery and post them.


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  1. Sounds like you had a good flight and happy you're out of the office again!

    I hear ya on the fat! I'm resuming my journey to a smaller version of me, and it seems to be occurring in fractions of ounces rather than pounds. Ugh!