Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Sun

One of the things l am looking forward to when l travel is to have sunlight stream in my windows to wake me up in the morning.  With the winter, my wake up pattern has followed the sunrise hours.  Of course unless the alarm is set for times prior to seeing dawn.  A couple of months ago l would wake up at 6am (with the sun) even if l didn't need to get up then.  Now l wake up at 8am.

I have been known to follow the sun with my bedroom configuration as the sun moves in the sky gradually with the morning sunrises.  Not caring that my bed will sit at a strange angle.  (It definitely wouldn't get in any home decor magazines).  I don't move it every hour or even everyday, but after my bed is no longer is in the path of the morning sun, l will rearrange my room so l can catch as much morning sun as possible.  Of course, that is after l have already picked the apartment or  bedroom that will get the most light in it in the morning.

I could not live in the North during the winter time of year and not see any sun.  The summer would be a fantastic time of year, all that sun, l would be in heaven.

So that is another reason why l am looking forward to RV/van living.  I can park in the path of the morning sun, or all day sun, if it tickles my fancy.

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  1. My bed is sideways against a double window that opens to my patio in the back yard. Through that window I can see 5 bird feeders AND the morning sun. I wake up with the sun every morning (weather permitting) and it's like waking up outside. I just love it. My desk also faces this window.