Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's pretty tough coming up with subjects for blogs when you are stationary.  I can't comment on people l meet, since that is pretty limited when you spend so much time at home.  I can't fill my blog with wonderful pictures of places l'm seeing, since l'm not seeing them.  I don't have any photo's of the work l have done on my van getting it ready for travel, since it's too frekin' cold for me to undertake a project like that.

I've lived in Toronto too long to be interested in the museums here or tourist sites, and l'm not really a outdoor winter kind of girl (skiing, snowmobiling, skating etc...) and definitely not a shopping mall girl, even on the best of days.

So, for a little bit it will be a struggle for me, but don't despair, l will be travelling eventually (maybe, that last part is written for me, Tammy, don't despair, you will be travelling again soon) and will have adventures to write about again.


  1. Hmmmm, adventures....

    How about these topics?

    Braving the hall closet
    Slaying monsters under the bed
    Name that gadget
    Can you believe what I watched last night (oops, you already that that one)
    Animal adventures
    Here's what I saw at this intersection today
    Dodging rogue squirrels at the park

    Oh I could go on....

    But I gotta write my own post now :)

  2. lol.....I don't want to bore you all to death!!!!

  3. If our lives were really that exciting would we be reading all these blogs?

    Hehe.... I really "should" be working right now :p

  4. Reading my selected blogs keeps me moving toward my exciting life. ;) Am grateful for the blog world and my blog friends - as in Maria and Tammy! :)