Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There she blows

Can you say WINDY.  Wow!  The wind started around 2am this morning.  Pretty much a constant howl with intermittent gust that kept waking me up.

Yesterday as l was driving around l noticed on the hills that there were a fair number of trees knocked down.  The hills close to town didn't have too many trees on them to begin with, so you could really notice the ones that were laying flat, broken off at the stem.  And some of them were quiet big.  I guess if these wind storms are a regular occurrence, it would explain the downed trees.

So between the wind and the absence of an alarm clock, okay l don't really need an alarm clock, l do have my cell phone for the alarm function.  But what l really need is to know the time as l wake up during the night.  Since l don't have the time displayed in the reddish light when l wake up to turn, l grab my phone and press it to see the time light up.  Which interrupts my sleep more then l care.

Why do l need to know the time during the night?  Partially l guess because l like to know how much more time l have to sleep.  If l wake up and find out l have 3 more hours verses 10 minutes, that's great.

I woke up at midnight, after sleeping for an hour,  felt totally rested.  It felt like l was already asleep for 5 or 6 hours, instead of the 1 that  l had tucked in already.  If l had the trusty alarm clock beside my bed, it would have been a quick turn over back into la la land.  Instead it was enough movement searching for the cell phone and pressing the button to actually keep me up for 15 minutes until l could catch the train back to dream land.

And with the wind here in Kamloops, l was woken a lot last night.  :-(

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