Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What l've learned

One good thing about being in Toronto, fighting rush hour traffic, TWICE  a day is my van seats are comfortable.  They are cushy and have arm rests on both sides.  On the side closet to the window, it even has it's own fold down arm rest.  I don't need to put my arm on the hard plastic moulding of the door, instead a nice padded armrest waits at my beck and call.  Ahhh.. the lap of luxury l say!

Another great thing, that l wasn't expecting in this van when l bought it was, l have cruise control also.  Not that l need it in rush hour, but when l score some driving where l can implement it, its great.  I love being able to move my feet when l sit in the drivers seat.  It's like a little mini "get out of the van and stretch my legs" moment.

It's the little things ya gotta love!  And the little things l am grabbing onto right now.  :-)


  1. Rush hour is when I used to always listen to my favorite audio books and other inspirational stuff. Or daydream about all the cool things I'd do when I didn't have to sit in rush hour.

    Love that your van seats are so comfy! Don't go snoozing off though...

  2. My new job will require the rush hour drudgery. Thanks for the reminder that it's the little things. I will need it as my '93 Buick has no radio and no cushion anything. Ha! But I do have an iPod and I plan to use it daily. Indeed, it's the little things. Just posted that on FB today as a matter of fact. :)