Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pine Beetle

I asked someone l met with today about the fallen tree situation.  It’s the Pine Beetle.  It has decimated the soft lumbar in the Kamloops area over the last couple of years. They are gone now, but over the last couple of years they have eaten their way through the tree population.  Killing the trees by the millions.

Some the trees that l noticed laying down dead were cut by the forest management trying to combat the beetle.  It didn’t really help.

The guy l spoke to also added a bit of useless information (the kind l love) .  Some scientists or someone wanted to know how the beetles were able to broach the Rocky Mountains, because now they are in Alberta and South to Oregon.  So what they did, they staked some huge net up on the mountains to trap/register the amount of pupae travelling in the air currents.  Apparently it was shocking how many were in the nets.

I’m sure the wind last night would have taken the little buggers for miles and miles.

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