Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow is Gently Falling

I can't see the mountains today in Kamloops, British Columbia, the snow is falling gently, and it is so pretty.  It was falling when l woke  this morning, and it continues now (10:30 am).  The only problem l have with it is, l've recently discovered, l don't like winter.  I guess l used to "deal" with it.  After all l am Canadian, and winter is a part of our Country.  Not like it was when l was a kid (so much snow then), but we still get snow fall and cold days.

So instead l am choosing to stay in my hotel room for now.  My accommodations are fantastic.  I have a one bedroom apartment.  They call it a King Suite.  I have a king bed with the best pillows, and a separate sitting room with fridge and microwave.  Way more room then l need.  I have two Flat panel TV's in this suite, which have been on for a total of 3 hours all week (just catching the news a bit).

After weening myself off of TV, l find it's all a bunch of junk now.  Any shows l do watch are on Netflix.  Netflixs' marks my spot where l left off, l don't have to remember what night it's on and l don't have to watch commercials.  It's great.

One thing l've noticed about Kamloops is, the days seem shorter.  I think it's just because the sun rises and sets behind mountains, so it takes a while for the sun to get over those mountains.  I'm also trying to stay on Eastern time, somewhat.  I'm getting up at 6am even though l don't need to, just so when l go back home, l won't have to adjust so much.

I wanted to get out and wander by the river a bit today, but the snow may make me change my plans a bit.

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  1. We got a few flurries here today and it was so pretty seeing it come down through the sunshine. Still don't like driving in accumulation though.

    Oh I can do it ok but people here get crazy and freak at just a touch of the white stuff.

    Sounds like your hotel suite is bigger than my apartment!