Sunday, January 8, 2012

Really Back to Work

It's official, l am back to work full steam.  No monkey business today, a full eight hour day.  And l'm actually looking forward to it.  As l write this l am actually staring at my lovely grey cubby.  View's not that great.  :-) At least l won't get side tracked staring at the sun or some pretty mountains.

I arrive at work early to avoid the Toronto Traffic, which is pretty high up on the charts of "worst cities to drive in".  If l leave my house later then 6:30 am, l will get stuck in traffic that bunches up in a couple of places, and that is with out any accidents.  It's a bit like torture for me to sit in traffic.  I would rather get up early and hit the road then sit in that stuff.  I really don't know how people do it everyday.  I would be pissed off by the time l reached the office if l had to deal with it everyday.

This will be the last two weeks that l will be in the office.  My work partner has decided that she doesn't want to go on the road anymore.  I'm okay with that of course until April.  She's not aware of my plans for April, but it's too soon to tell her.



  1. You're just like me... writing posts when you should be working :)

    I bet you can't wait to get back out of the office. I hope they send you somewhere good.

  2. Nah....l just showed up at work really early, still have 1/2 hour until l was on "the clock". :-)