Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix.  One was Let's Make Money, it's about the banking system, it's lack of regulations, it was really eye opening.  It amazes me how many crooked people exist in this world,  and how they are not stopped.

The other was Maxed Out, about the credit crisis in America. Both movies make you sit up and take note.  Maybe the 1% should have been listen to more, and not dispersed.

I guess l am an innocent when it comes to taking advantage of your fellow man.  It just doesn't sit right with me.


  1. Yeah that's all true Tammy but it's up to us to participate or not. No one makes us get (and use) credit.

    On the other hand, the banks should have never been bailed out. No one made them keep extending credit to people either, right?

    As with everything it's a few that ruin it for everyone. You can bet the teller down at your corner bank doesn't benefit from big banking shenanigans any more than you or I.

    As for me, I try to always pay cash :)

  2. Oh man, give me a good ole Science documentary any day, but a fiscal documentary? Just shoot me! LOL.