Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monkeys!! Or other choice words......

I'm a little bit frustrated today.  Well, actually it's been a slow burn for quiet a while now.  I think there are people out there that work better with a partner, and people that work better solo.  I am in that solo category.  Not because l am hard to get along with, but because l give it my all, and l get pissed off/disappointed when my partner doesn't.

There is only one person in my three plus experiences in having a business partner that l have ever been happy with.  He was the first partner that l had, and funny enough, he bore the brunt of my parents disapproval.  They thought he was taking advantage of me, and that l was doing most of the work in the business partnership, which was so not true.  We each had our strengths, and they complimented each others.

He was the perfect partner for me, he was a hard worker, smart and forward thinking.

Others since have been more lacks-a-daisy, and end up just pissing me off.  They don't have the same work ethic and then l get resentful.  It's as simple as splitting tips when l was a server or a bartender.  To all the way to now with splitting commissions.   There were few l would choose to work with since, for me, work is work, let's get it done, lets do it now.  All l ask is to pull your weight.  Do your job to the best you can, and put in a full days work.

I am in a  position now, and l am irritated.  I don't trust my partner, l don't think she puts in a full day, l am not in the position to 100% prove it, but l have enough circumstantial evidence that l am certain.  I will never be able to 100% prove it since l am never in the same city as her, and l can't really install 'nanny cams'  :-)

This is probably a big factor in why those nails are looking so tempting to my bright shiny new hammer.


  1. I understand completely where you are and that's why I prefer to work alone too. Though I still like to have people to bounce things off and flesh out ideas with. But I guess that's more of a support group than partnership.

    Keep counting down those days until you're O.U.T. of that place ;)

  2. Maria, I love the social aspect of working with people, it's just hard to find someone who is willing to put in the same effort. If l need to work 20 hours to get something done, l do it. And when it is compounded by splitting income, that just sucks!!! lol

    Counting them down! :-) Closer and closer everyday!!! I just wish it was warm enough to load the van, and try all the appliances, then l would feel closer to take off!

  3. You go girl! Literally, get it? It's getting late, can you tell? But seriously Tammy - I am proud of you. You move forward toward your goals and you don't give up AND you have a great work ethic. Repeat: You go girl!