Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Patience, not something l am known for.  Once l get an idea, l want to act on it.  A friend of mine uses the saying "he's got a new hammer, and everything is a nail".  When he told me that saying a over  a year ago, l immediately understood what he meant.  Not only did it describe him, but also me to a T.

So, right now, l am struggling with wanting to go wander.  I've got the hammer and the nails are popping up everywhere!  :-)


  1. I know exactly how you feel! And I don't even have a hammer yet.

    You seem very good at making things happen though so I'm sure it will all come together perfectly :)

  2. Hammer away! No wait, that's anchor's away. OK... batten down the hammer! No wait, that's batten down the hatches. Oh my, I'm even irritating myself... think I'll call it a night. Am enjoying your blog Tammy. Very much. Will try to catch up tomorrow. Nite!