Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kamloops, British Columbia

Yep, that's where l'm heading next.  Back into the mountains.  I haven't had much time to research it yet, but l do know the traffic will be lighter!!!  Thank God!  And even nicer scenery.  Double Thank God!!

That's not until Monday, so a few more days of grey cubicles,  grey skies, and grey moods.  I really think l have a case of the SAD disease.  Season affective disorder.  Every January and February l just want to crawl up in a cave and do nothing.  I'm sure you've noticed a theme with my blog.  I love sunshine.  And l love travel.  So even if there is no sun, one of my needs will be met.


  1. Ahhhh... SAD can be helped a lot with the afore mentioned vitamin D-3. During the winter months I take 5,000 iu a day. Call them my "happy pills."

    I like what Les said in the comment on your last post. Something about every day being one day closer to May. But hey... today I'd go for late March :)

  2. Maria; One thing about my job is that l get lots of little "benchmarks" to help the count down to things l look forward to. Instead of big time frames, l break them up into little ones.

    I take a multi and a B comples....gotta get me some D-3's. I'm not depressed, but energy level is notisbly lower!

  3. Hey girl, wishing you sunshine, travel, countdown days and anything that gives you more energy and shuns the blahs - even happy pills! :) And def on the D-3. Plenty of sunshine here but I still take them. Firm believer.

    Tammy, Maria - I truly admire you two. Am grateful to the blog world for the introduction.