Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where Is The Sun

Parking the van day or night is an important step in van-dwelling. There are things to consider.  Are you in an area that is away from people?  Is someone going to come knock on your door late at night to ask you to move? (I haven't had this happen).  It might be quiet during the evening when you first park, and get very busy in the morning when you still want to sleep.

I have found what is also very important is where is the sun.  In the summer, l want to park in a way that l will get as little sun into the van as possible.  In the winter, the opposite is true. 

It's not winter yet however, l am enjoing the morning sun.  It has reached down to the low, low 40's in the night.  I just bundle down in my blankets and pass out for the night.  In the morning the sun has warmed the van up to a comfortable 65-70 when it is still only 50 degrees outside. How's that for passive solar?


  1. Hi Tin Can! I have been out and about since July 17 of last year and in my entire 30000km trip I did not have anyone knock on my windows or ask me to move.

    I have used a few things when travelling around..I've slept in mechanic shop parking lots, wal marts, side roads, construction sites (accidentally), empty cottages (Victoria Lake, Manitoba)...and the #1 thing I used for a long time was a For Sale sign. When you crash down for the night just pop the sign up and the chances of anyone coming to knock to tell you to leave drop off to almost nothing. Of course use a fake number...who knows how many people have or have not called after seeing this sign.

    ;) My van registered 125f in Tabor City, NC when I accidentally pointed my van east and the front windows captured the blazing heat and sent the temp through the roof!

    Do you use reflectix on your windows? If you can't sleep in your bunk (I can and I'm 6'1) then the use of reflectix can help with the temp both radiant and heat escape.

    Happy sleeping!

  2. Travelling Man, I like the for sale sign idea!!! I did use reflectix in the heat of summer and will pull it back out when it gets really cold. I do enjoy the sun in the morning warming up the van though, not using the reflectix right now.

    I don't like climbing up in my bunk, and now l have stuff stored up there. The bed has been great so far with extra blankets and two cats!! :-)

  3. I learn so much from your blog - thank you! :)