Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Sound On The Roof

About 11 years ago l lived in Virginia out by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Woodville (population 30- maybe).  It was a beautiful spot, right beside the mountains.  Every day l drove to work the scenery changed, depending on the weather, the sunlight, the time of year.

While living there, l lived in a cute little two bedroom home.  I can't say a cabin, because it was sided with aluminum.  It also had a tin roof.  The very first time l saw that house, l thought how great it would be in the rain.  To listen to the rain fall on the tin roof would be like listening to the best music by Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, it was a disappointment.  It had to be raining cats and dogs to hear even the littlest of music.

However, l  hear the music in the van now.  Last night it rained as l went to sleep, and it was still raining when l awoke this morning.  I love the sound of rain on the roof, while l am cozy in my bed (dry of course).

It's in the low 60's this morning, my windows are open and l am cozy in my little abode.


  1. Yes, rain on the roof of my rv gives me the same feeling. But it takes so little for me to hear it. It can be sprinkling outside but it sounds like a hard rain.

  2. I took my van camping in rained both nights..I enjoyed the sound of the rain as it hit the was soothing.