Friday, September 7, 2012

My Homeless Neighbors

I'm sitting in the Lowe's parking lot, it's 1:30am on Saturday morning.  I'm surfing the net, l just finished work an hour ago.  The kitties are out stretching their legs, and getting some fresh air.

I'm tucked in a corner of the parking lot, out of the way.  Not that it matters at this time of the night.  But l do get full Wi-Fi signal here; for free l might ad.  A truck rumbles in the parking lot.  It's one l have seen many times before.  I have seen him all times of the day and night when l have been here, all times of the day and night.  He comes and goes.  He stays in his truck.  It is a sleeper cab type, l'm sure he is enjoying the free Internet also.

He's my neighbor l guess you could say.  We both sleep in our vehicles. 

I've noticed other "regulars" at the Wal-Mart parking lot too.  I'm sure they recognize me too.  We have our own little community, it's a bit comforting, strange as that may be.


  1. Except none of them are homeless. They all have homes they must be perfectly happy in. Just like you :)

    1. Maria, l stand corrected. You are right, houseless, not homeless. :-)

  2. Houseless? Not homeless. Coming home from work. Long day!!!

    1. Not that long, l also start late Michelle.

  3. Hi Tammy:

    OffRoadCruiser here. I have just started to read your blog but thought I would jump here and introduce myself. I have been part-time RVing since 1986 and motorcycle and car camping also.

    This is all about starters, solenoids and making sparks so dear reader if you are not into that you can skip this reply.

    I am not sure that you still own Fiona or if you have solved your occasional starting problem. No matter, this applies to all engines with the remote starter solenoid on the firewall instead of on the starter itself.

    If I am right then you can stop getting under the vehicle and banging the starter, the problem is usually not your starter but the starter solenoid. If you follow the very fat heavy wire from your positive battery post it will end up at the starter solenoid somewhere on the firewall or the inside of the fender.

    You can test this at any time time (make sure that the auto transmission is in park and any others with a manual transmission that it is in neutral and the parking brake set) and sacrifice an old pair of pliers for this test. With some heavy (leather) gloves use the legs of the pliers (remove the last bits of any insulation that may be on there) to bridge both posts on the starter solenoid. A big spark will happen but the engine should crank.

    If the engine cranks you know that it is not your starter but the solenoid.

    These remote starter solenoids are easy and very inexpensive to replace, less than $20 for the part. Be sure to remove the negative ground cable from the battery first once you have the new solenoid. Do not overtighten the nuts holding the cables to the solenoid posts, the posts and/or nuts are made of copper and the threads strip easily.

    Sorry for the interruption, just wanted you to stop getting sand in your eyes. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog and I will jump back to spring 2012 and carry on reading about your interesting adventures.

    I still use my 1986 Vanguard 24 foot camper that originally came with the 460 gas engine which I assume is the one that you have in Fiona. I replaced the 460 with a diesel engine in 1998 but the 460 engine is solid and did not cause me any problems.

    Have been boondocking since we drove a delivery van to South America in the early 1970's from Canada and still wilderness camp most of the time when riding my Cruiser. Enjoy your freedom.

    Best of luck in your travels,

    1. Thanks Carl. I still have Fiona, and the starting issues are a thing of the past (fingers are crossed!)However, l always love learning new things.

      Wow, all the way down to South that would be a trip!