Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Battery Is Not Charging

My new house battery is not charging.  Even though the last little while l have put a few miles on Falcon, which should have charged the battery up.  I've also been plugged in the other day for 3 hours, to no avail, my battery is D-E-A-D. And as l have said in prior posts, l don't really use a whole lot of the house battery to warrant it being dead after all those charging opportunities.  At least l know it's not the battery since it is brand spanking new!!!!

So today l am off to a friends to do clean up on some terminals and to use his 'volt reader' or something like that to see where the connection is failing.

It could be my isolator (bare in mind l could be calling all these things by their wrong names - l do know that l got the battery name right though!!!  hahahahah).  The isolator wires are corroded, so it could be that.

It could also be all the shimmy and shaking on the wild Toronto roads that has wiggled a wire loose. 

The plan is to find out today.......wish me luck!!!!


  1. Good Luck! And good thing you have friends to help you figure that stuff out :)

  2. good thing you have that warrenty !!!
    to bad there isn't some kind of battery monitor made so you would have known how much " juice " was in the battery, would have saved you having to pick that heavy thing up and carry it back to store.

    1. Anon, l don't think it's the battery but some other gremlin.

      Maria, yes, l am lucky!!!