Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scanning Code Of Practice

What the hell is that you ask?  We here in Ontario have a rather large group of retailers that practice the "Scanning code of Practice".  What that means is if the price at the register is more then what was displayed on the shelf, the store will give you the product for free (the first one) up to a $10 dollar value.

When scanners first started being used there was tremendous inaccuracies, and the consumer was left holding the bag.  Retailers voluntarily joined this "code" and display it on their doors of entry and by their registers.

Funny enough, you have to know about it to push the point to receive the item for free, a huge number of cashiers and the public don't know anything about it.  I do.  And my friends know to (since l have told them).

Today l scored a pack of gum.  When l went to purchase the gum, the price on the shelf was $1.58, the register at Wal-Mart was $1.68.  I pointed it out to the cashier and l got myself a free pack of gum.
                                                                My favorite kind too

I love when l get free stuff.  I've gotten pizza's, eggs, bread, and many more items for free.  Once l kept going back to a store, day after day for about 5 days and got one item for free everyday since they failed to fix the price on that item.

You can bet tomorrow I will be back at Wal-Mart to see if they fixed the price yet.......  :-)


  1. Wish they did that here. Instead they just adjust the price to what the sign says. After they hold you up 10 minutes calling for a price check... grrr.