Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Need Of Space

Yesterday l drove on up to J's house.  I had wanted a shelf to be built over the shower to add more storage to Fiona the van.  I don't use the shower, l go to the gym.  The cats actually use the shower....to do their bus'ness.

Previously l had cut a piece of plywood to cover the tub (l now store a few things in the tub)on top of the plywood is the kitty litter pan, the extra kitty litter in a pail, and the tin of food for the lovely Kitty's on board.

Above that area was just wasted space.  And when you live in 60 square feet (just a guess - haven't measured - left my tape measure at J's house yesterday), every inch counts.  So l had wanted a shelf there since the renovation, yes, ideally it would have been better for me to have it there during the reno so it could be painted at the same time, but sometimes things don't work that way.

So with J's talents and tools, these boards were turned into....

And placed here.....

Giving me a shelf and a place to store my shoes!

And some other stuff......
While there we also cut a piece of 2x4 to put under my bed.  Why not a 'pea' you say?  Wrong story.  Anyways l have been living with 3 books (Nora Roberts if you care - all were the same thickness) to prop my bed up.  I felt like l was always rolling out of it.  For some reason it was built with a tilt.  The books were a temporary fix.
The 2x4 - not so temporary.  That bad boy was screwed in for good.  We also cut a brace to match the angle and added it to the cross member to make the  bed good and solid.
So here you have the side view.  The 2x4 will disappear when l put my bedding back in place.  You can see the original sofa base and then the added foam pad l bought from Costco a couple of months ago.
I discovered that if down the road l want to replace my bed it will be super easy since the base of the sofa foam is only on a piece of plywood.  I could make it a bit wider when l renovate it next time.  For now this works just fine (until l see a nice big piece of foam on sale).


  1. Looks good Tammy, style and function blended into one. You'll be in the RV fashion magazines soon :)

  2. your rigth about the couch/bed, I couldn't put my finger on it but yes, the bed does feel like your slanted down but it doesn't look like it is.....I am going to try the 2by4 on mines..