Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Cat With Puppy Dog Eye's

Who would have thought that it was possible?  A cat that has puppy dog eyes that makes you give up your seat for him?

Well, l have one.  He is a rarity, l don't think many exist.

I was tired of sitting on my bed reading so l wanted to change it up a bit and sit in my chair.  Tommy the cat with the puppy dog eyes was occupying that seat, and it took a lot of coxing on my part to get him to leave it (translation - l had to nudge him to go).

I sat down to read my book again.  Tommy jumped up on the couch, fussed a bit, jumped down and sat in front of me, looking at me with those damn puppy dog eyes.  He won.  He didn't even have to nudge me.  I vacated the seat and when back to the couch.

Here he is after recapturing the seat.  I think l see a bit of smugness on his face too.  A new meaning to "pussy whipped".

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