Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Love Me Some Libraries!

I admit through out my life libraries never really played to big of a role in my life.  It wasn't that l didn't read, quite the opposite.  Since grade eight, l usually have at least one book on the go.

When l was younger, l couldn't get into town on a regular basis to check out books.  When l did end up getting a car, l was employed and usually bought my books at the various book stores.  Who needed deadlines to return books?

Now flip forward many years, l recently gained my appreciation for libraries when l started travelling for work over a year ago.  Then l was travelling by plane, and landing all over Canada and the USA.  Sometimes between appointments in the small little towns l worked in l would need to kill time.  Libraries were warm (or cool - depending on the season), had free Wi-Fi, an electrical plug for my laptop, a place where l could work if the hotel was far away, and they usually quiet.

When l came back to Toronto 4 months ago, l once again fully appreciated the local library.  The free unlimited Wi-Fi helped me look for a job and entertained me when l was tired/fed up for the day of looking for a job.  This time l even signed up for a library card, l checked out DVD's, and some books.

The other day l was contemplating buying a book l had heard the buzz about on the Internet.  I had a bright idea of checking out online if the local library had this book.  I highly doubted it, and l was proven right.  They didn't have the book in their catalogue.  However there was a spot for me to put my name down to request it.  My name would remain on file for one year, and they would notify me by e-mail when the book was available.

Imagine my shock when l got that e-mail late last night.  The book l requested was in.  Two days, that's all it took.  Amazon couldn't even guarantee me a book that fast with out costing me extra, and here l am getting it for FREE.  I love libraries!!!


  1. Libraries are great! Ive made use of the interlibrary loan for many of the audio books I wanted to hear. Actually if they're on CD I can download to my computer and then put it on my el'cheapo music pod thingy! AND I can listen to it whenever I want to, such as on a road trip, or a rainy weekend when I cant get outside.

  2. Yes you can usually get your library to borrow any book from another library if they don't have it. Additionally, you can often check out electronic versions of books right from your computer. So you can read them on Kindle, your phone, or right on your computer screen without ever leaving your cozy little home.

  3. I love them too! In fact, have wondered how it would work for a non-tax base nomad. I buy e-books all the time that travel with me anywhere but they're not free! Gotta love libraries. :)