Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chilly Night

The fall has arrived.  Last night was the coolest night so far.  It wasn't terrible or even that bad, it certainly was different then sleeping with a casual blanket half on, half off.

Of course, l could have fired up the furnace, however that would have entailed me removing my shoes from the place that "is not a storage compartment".

In hind sight, l should have pulled out an extra blanket...but at 4 in the morning, you just want to hunker down and hope that you will warm up, not pull things down from the attic.

A good indication that it was a bit chilly is both of the kitties slept either on me, or beside me throughout the night.

Guess what is on the agenda for today? Yep, pulling out those blankets for easy access.  And of course, its supposed to warm up again in two days......I'll probably just leave them on the bed and sleep on top.


  1. No below 0 sleeping bag? Ha! Maybe the kittys will keep you warm.

  2. Are you sure the furnace works...?!!!!

  3. Michelle, l really don't like sleeping bags. Blankets and Kitties....that's the plan.

    Anon, the furnace worked last April and May when l was camping/working. It was pretty chilly then and it worked fine. I haven't tried it since....but don't anticipate any problems other then my shoes are in the way! :-)

    1. just a thought, you might want to do a test run before you actually need it, you might get a slight odor on the first time around and opening up the van to air it out at 70* is better than 30*..
      kitties have sensitive noses ya know.... ;-)

    2. I will do that soon. It's warmed up again!!!

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