Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thank You!

Wow.....l am speechless.  Every one's comments have been so nice about the van renovations.

Before l did the painting my friend J was concerned about me wanting to paint the van.  He said if l painted it, it may loose it's value.  My response was, it's not worth much right now anyways! To me it is, it is my home.  I paid $4500 for the van in December 2011.

If the paint job made the value drop to $2000, l was okay with that.  And that was IF l was even thinking of selling, which l am not.

J is a really good friend, and supports me choosing to live in my van, however - he thinks l am only living in it until September/October (until the weather turns).  I understand it's not normal in our society to WANT to live in your van, or even your RV (unless you are a snowbird for six months of the year), so l just let his assumption slide.  No harm, no foul.

I have even decided in my mind that if winter is too tough, and l can't hack the cold, l will be back in the van in March/April.  I love living in my van. 


  1. I thought I read about another guy living in your city in a van. Been doing it for a few years now... dang I'll have to find that reference!

    I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you stay warm. An idea my friend uses in her house that is adaptable to vans is to make window cozys. They're little quilts that attach to the windows and act as insulators. They actually work pretty well and you can make them any size and pattern you like.

    I love the paint job! Once I get my van I may even head up your way for my own custom "Tammization." Ha!

    1. Window cozies! What a cute idea! Reflectix works fine, but it's not cute.

      I wonder if you could quilt mylar or something else reflective into the batting?

    2. Maria, what a great idea. I could for go curtains and just make window quilts, maybe reflectix on one side and a lovely print on the other and fasten them to the window some way. I will have to think on that!!!

      And l'm more then happy to help you out with the renovation of yours!!!!

  2. We moved into our Duck a year before we left our driveway. We wanted to get a real feel for living in it, and once we were in we were too comfortable to leave it.

    A friend, utterly puzzled, said but...YOU HAVE A HOUSE! And that was before our New York State winter hit. Most people won't get it, and that's okay.


    P.S. Now that we're getting to be blogging friends, any chance you'd consider getting rid of word verification? Your comments will increase, for sure, if you think that's a GOOD thing. :)

    1. Roxanne, one question.....HOW? How do l get rid of this thing you talk about? I didn't even know l had it on my blog. :-)

    2. Okay, l stopped the word away my away!!!!

      I did not know you lived in the Duck a year before you started your adventures. I'm sure friends and neighbors thought you had lost a screw or two!

  3. I have to say I also love the cozy idea. Now I have to figure how to do that.

  4. Oh man, I am thrilled to be back in the blog world - window cozys, Reflectix, living in a driveway Duck (grin) vs. a sticks and stones house.... love it all! :)

  5. Hi Tammy:
    My Mother made 'Window Cozys' for me the first year I had the camper in 1986. These are exactly what you and your readers are talking about above, quilted with mylar. I do not know where she bought the material, probably at the sewing store on Ottawa Street in Hamilton, may not even be there any more but we went there often when we first moved to Canada in the 1960's since she liked to sew.

    Unfortunately I cannot ask her, my mom passed away in 2002 at the age of 92 but reading the above reminded me of her and made me miss her again.

    BTW the Vanguard camper has 'storm windows' with double panes and even with the window cozys it still gets frost on the windows in the winter.

    I have also added a second RV battery just for powering the furnace in the winter. This second battery is not drained by lights etc. in the camper just the furnace.

    Still liking your blog.

    1. Thanks OffRoadCruiser. I do plan on making those cozys. By the sounds of it, it looks like it can be done.

      You just motivated me to find some material that l like.

      I have thought of putting in a second battery, l just can't figure out where l have the room.