Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've Learned To Not Give A Shit!

That may sound a bit harsh, so let me elaborate.

What l mean is while van dwelling, I've learned to not give a shit - with in reason, of course.

I no longer give a shit if people see me getting out of my van after spending the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

I no longer feel the pressure to move at 7am (when the store opens) or at the latest 8am, when the buggy guy starts going around the lot.  Today l left at 11 am, it was warm with the sun shining in the van and l just lazed about.

I now park closer to cars, because l don't give a shit anymore!!!!    I'm at the Lowes parking lot now and there are some cars nearby, their owners are on their lunch hour, l now just drive up and park - instead of avoid.

I've learned to no longer give a shit that someone has to wait 20 seconds while l fill up my 1.5 liter water bottle at the gym, since l have no problem waiting for others to fill theres'.  They don't know that l use this water to live off in my van.  I actually fill two a day, one after my workout as l head to the showers and the other after the shower on my way out of the gym.  If l REALLY didn't give a shit, l would fill both up at the same time, since l don't have to, l don't, because l will not be rude.

I actually find myself saying in my head "l don't give a shit".  It helps me to just relax and do what l need to do.

I've learned to not give a shit when l fill up my van with gas....after all l have two tanks.  They can wait for me to finish. 

Now with all that being said, l still consider other people, l would never throw trash out in a parking lot, nor would l sit in my van after pumping gas and fill out my spending log (l have seen others do it), l would pull forward and take my time.

I guess what l have done is just become a little more like the rest of the population and put themselves first and Not Give A Shit!!!


  1. Wow I can't wait till I get to that part. Exciting not to give a shit!! LOL Really thats great!!! :)

  2. My Friend said she has decided to not make a Bucket List but instead she is making a *uck it list! And I think a shit list is important

  3. Good for you, Tammy. I haven't given a shit especially what other people think for many years now and I have to say it really feels great. I'm still waiting for my friends and co-workers to stop shaking their heads. :)

  4. I did the same when I turned 50.

    I will not be rude and have never littered but I no longer care what others may think, it is a rewarding experience.

    I once collected some garbage bottles along a beautiful beach in Florida and piled them up while I played with my kids on another part of the beach. A lady saw that I had 'abandoned' my pile of litter and brought them over to me. I would have protested wildly in my former caring life but I just took them with me to the garbage when we left the beach.

    I am sure she still feels that she taught me a lesson.


    PS Now when I collect litter I dispose of it right away, the walk to the garbage can does me good so I guess she did teach me a lesson.