Monday, September 10, 2012

Travelling Cats

My cats have been the best travellers ever.  Better then l had worried about before my move into the van in April. 

During the last 6 months they have been so adapting in all ways but one.  The really don't like travelling at night in the van for any great distances.  Last night l drove for an hour out of town after work and they didn't like it.

Charlie was all up on me as l drove, trying to look out the window, wanting pats.  She was restless.  I think it has something to do with not being able to see outside the windows.  The glare of the glass must cut down on their night vision.  During the day, l can travel for hours without nary a complaint from them, but at night it is a different story.

Still, l love having them along for the ride.


  1. Hi Tammy:
    Completely off topic except that this lady is also traveling with 2 cats.

    I am just reading about her experience of camping during the winter in BC.

    In this link she describes her preparations for -10C:

    If you read her blogs for the fall of 2008 you can get more first hand information about winter camping in a Class C.


    1. Hi OffRoadCruiser. I do follow Miranda, and have been for a couple of years. Rae did winter in Canada, the difference being, she was stationary and able to skirt her Class C, among other things.

      Thanks for the heads up though, and l will take any other hints you have! :-)

  2. Hi Tammy, I caught your comment over at Glenn's, and just got caught up with your blog. Nice read! I love the paint, it looks amazing.
    I traveled for 9 months last year with my two cats. I found, as you did, that in the rare night driving trips they got antsy. I think it was mostly because we didn't do it a lot. But when my father had a heart-attack, I ran home (from Kitchener/Waterloo to Baltimore) through the night, in a single trip. By the end of the first 2 hours, they were both calm and sleeping in their usual spots.

    Don't know if this is helpful- just a thought.
    Keep posting! dee

    1. Dee, yeah they do calm down after a bit, Thank God! The very first trip l had with them l left at 5 am (still dark for one and a half hours at the time)back in April, and Charlie was all over the van, up on the dash, under my feet, up on my lap. Once it got light out, she calmed down.

      Thanks for reading!!!