Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dollar Store Find

I found this little USB lamp at the Dollar Store for 2 bucks.  Yeah, l'm sure you know, just because it's called the dollar store, doesn't mean everything is just a dollar anymore.

It really is quite amazing what you can find for a buck or two.  How they can make this stuff, ship it from China, then sell it on their shelves for a buck and still make a profit is beyond me, but l like it.

When l am in the van at night and on my laptop l need just a little bit of light to see the keys on the keyboard.  I was taught in school how to type with all my fingers so knowing "those" keys is not the problem, but all the fancy keys outside their realm is, in the dark anyways. 

I love this lamp.  It runs off my laptop and is just enough light that l can see, and not so much light that l am sticking out like a soar thumb in the parking lot.  For $2 it is a great find.


  1. I have one of those somewhere. Hmmm... I wonder where it's hiding?

  2. thats a great find thanks for sharing..!

  3. Def have to look for that one. COOL!

  4. That's cute!

    To answer your juicer question, we happen to have a LaLanne Express, or words to that effect. But, because we have a whole-house inverter, we're not limited to a 12-volt appliance, so this is a stock model from Target.

  5. found this in the dollar store this morning....its so cool!!!!

  6. I just wanted you to know I picked this up today. I really like this little lamp!! Perfect!