Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Afternoon Nap

I had a wonderful nap this afternoon.  It's is my day off, and after the busy weekend with helping friends and working long days/nights l was zonked.

I accomplished my laundry for $8.00 at my tried and true Laundromat, dumped my tanks for $11.50 and had a subway sub that sent me into nap heaven.  Two hours later with the sun shining in my widows and the cats outside playing l woke up ready to finish a great book l am reading.

I'm parked at a large park in the city of Toronto, people coming and going all around me and l could care less.  Some may think l am crazy to sleep with my side door open in a busy park, however l feel super safe.  I really think people are just so  busy and caught up in their lives that they walk around in a daze and don't notice things.  It's kind of funny to observe how you can hide in plain sight.


  1. How do you keep the kitties in with the door open while you're sleeping? "In Plain Sight" was a great TV series that just ended - same concept. LOL.

    1. Debra, the kitties get to come and go when they please. Of course l am parked in a safe place for them to waunder.