Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Not What l Thought

Well, there goes another chapter in my life.  Working for Southeast is not quite what l was hoping it would be.  I am disappointed.  I miss my friends at home.  Would it be different if l was travelling and going on adventures daily?  I will remain optimistic about that and say l hope so, but since every day that l am travelling l am out working, sure my surroundings are changing every two weeks, but l’m not getting to enjoy them as much as l thought l would.

I feel that l am rushing from one area to the next, always on a deadline, always either finishing a project or getting ready for the next.

I know what you are thinking, l haven’t really given it long enough, and that is true, l haven’t.  However l have decided l would rather head back home and get a job that l can slam money into a bank account then take off and enjoy the travels the way they should be enjoyed – at my own pace – to places l want to go.

I’ve also thought that perhaps l might be a wee bit travel weary from working on the road that last 10 months with the other job.  That could be a factor too.

I will be living in my van for the summer at least, and l might even brave the winter……

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  1. Yay you made it to Blogger :)

    It's ok Tammy. Things are often different than we expect them to be, sometimes better and sometimes worse. The cool thing is we can always decide again, right?

    Keep writing and I'll keep reading :)