Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rest Stops

The last two days l have been making my way slowly to the Lake Placid, New York area.  It's enjoyable not having to drive bad out of hell to get somewhere.

I spent last night at a rest stop in Michigan, and tonight will be the same.

Last night my neighbours, two different ones where sleeping in their cars - goodness knows in my past l have been just like them, cuddled up in their seats against the cold, running the car intermittently to stay warm.  It was nice being in my van, stretched out comfortably, with blankets, a toilet within crawling distance.  I definitely have the most preferred way of staying in a rest stop.


  1. Hi Tammy, I am not an alarmist and I know you're a big girl but please be careful. Rest stops in the U.S. are NOT a safe place to stay over. They used to be, but not anymore. HugZ!

  2. Don't worry Debra, but also, thank you for worrying. I'm pretty careful, and my doors are locked.