Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Suprised and Pleased

I really fretted about going to this mode of travel for my cats.  I wasn't sure how they would take it.  They would not even go close to a car before l set out on this adventure.  They were even smart enough to know that if l grabbed them in my arms in the house and headed out the front door that they would be going in the car and would start squirming the minute my feet led me towards the door.

Now they just chill the whole day in the van as l run around on appointments.  It really is amazing the turn around they have made.  They are so casual about riding in the van now.  To think how many hours my mind would wonder; hoping they would be okay.  It took them maybe half a day to adjust.

Sure there was a time when Charlie made a dash for the door, once she got out, realized she didn't know where the hell she was and boogied back in the van like her ass was on fire.

They hop back in that van whenever they feel threatened when they are out at the campground, whether it is someone walking by, a loud noise, another cat (happened once- Charlie was out and  got surprised by another cat, they hissed at each other, l opened the door, she ran in.  Let's just say "scared the shit out of  ya" has truth to it.

Tommy has learned to knock on the van door.  I kid you not.  When they are out and it's nice weather, but not nice enough to have the side door open all the way (or it's nighttime), l shut the side door just so it closes, but doesn't grasp the latch.  So if you were to hit it, it would move.  Well, when Tommy is out and wants back in and the door is like that, he will paw it to make a noise so l know to open the door for him.

They have always been trained to come when l call, or whistle.  And for the most part, they do.  Best Cats ever!

They pretty much sleep the whole day away, but l guess they did that at home too, especially when no one was home to let them in and out.

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