Friday, May 18, 2012

Losing it

In a previous life l sold books.  I used to do book fairs for a company, where l would go into corporations and set up a display of books (quite a big display - equal to a mini store) in their lobby, break rooms, meeting rooms, etc.  Why does this matter?  Well, during that time l learned the value of an elastic.  Silly as it may seem.  Since everyone has a few uses for an elastic.  I perfected it to an art.

I would use them to bind a set of books together, which was the whole reason l had the elastics.  Then l branched out and used the almighty elastic for so many things.  I would close bags of chips with them, bind wires together to keep them all orderly, l would use them to keep my rolls of coins from flying around my cash register, wrap up my extensions cords...the list is endless.

Living in a Class B Camper van, l find that previous life melds nicely into this current one where elastics are concerned.  I use them to hang hats to nobs, keep all my electronic wires for my gadgets organized, l have them around files that l am working on, so if l forget to stow everything before l take off; l don't have a mess when l put on the brakes or take a corner, hold my garbage bag to a lower kitchen knob.

I also use them to hold my towels to my hooks.  I pinch a bit of the towel and spin the elastic around the pinch a few times and my towels are secure for transit. I don't have to worry about them falling to the ground when l drive in a damp mess.

Today l lost it.  Have you ever spent time looking for something when it is right there in front of your face?  Well, in my case, l had two elastics out for my towels.  After l secured the first one, l had to search for the other elastic.  I searched for a few seconds (which is an eternity) before l realized l had it in my mouth.  I have Certifiably LOST IT....OK, l found the elastic, but l believe l have lost my mind!!!


  1. Ok pardon my US slang but it took me a few minutes to realize you were talking about rubber bands. Or pony-tail holders. Ha! I'm still not sure :)

    At any rate I use those things all the time, and also paperclips and clamps to stick stuff together. Work wonders even in a non-mobile world.

  2. So close (our countries)....yet different. I meant Rubber bands. What do elastics mean to you? Pony-tail holders? We call those hair-elastics. :-)

  3. Elastics mean rubber bands to me also but I wanted to make sure. Does that mean I'm learning to speak Canadian?

  4. You BOTH have lost it. LOL. When I read it, I thought you were talking about the elastic one sews in waistbands, etc. :)