Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Night AND.....

Four more trailers are in the park.  I expect it to grow quite a bit tomorrow being that it is Friday.

Today was a nice day, a bit on the cool side, nothing to complain about as the sun shone all day.

The cats are settling in, enjoying the outdoors and all the cool spots to go sniffing.  Charlie hasn't brought home any creatures yet, l trust eventually she will find someones hiding spot and enjoy a snack.  Ah nature.


  1. Hello Tammy!
    Just to let u know i like your site-follow it from here in St Catharines, ON.
    I am also a fellow van-dweller, a 93 Roadtrek 210 popular. It's normally just for weekend excursions but long story short, i gave notice on my apt to live in my newly aquired 73 airstream in a park for the summer, then company where i worked closed 2 weeks later. So now i stay in friends' driveways or by lake, for now.
    Anyway, enjoy reading about your life and your great job. I would love to find job to be able to full-time RV -Rick
    PS- I think u mean "quite busy" rather than "quiet busy"

  2. Sorry - i meant "grow quite" rather than "grow quiet" LOL

  3. Hi Rick!

    Sorry to hear about your job. That sucks when it's not your decision. So do you still have your Airstream? Do you like van-dwelling?

    I'll go fix my typo now :-)