Friday, May 4, 2012

Evening Swim

The Geese were across the pond, minding their own business, foraging for dinner when two kids on bikes started harasses them.  Of course it's the weekend so the kids are coming to the park.  The geese were having nothing of it.  So they guided their young into the pond and got away from the peace disturbers.


So they swam across to my side.  Then a pair of them with their 3 babies were harassed by a red wing black bird.  In the picture above he is sweeping down on them, fire bombing them.  My guess is red wing blackbird has a nest nearby, so he/she is just protecting his young.

There are 8 pairs of geese in this pond.  Most have 3 or 4 babies, one pair has 12 and one pair has none.  The pair with the twelve, pictured above, are like a machine.  All foraging at the same time, either the mother or the father utter commands and they all turn on a dime and head a different direction.

All day long when l see them they are either swimming or foraging, or dodging kids.  :-)

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