Monday, May 14, 2012

Water Conservation

I have to say, l am quite impressed with myself and how little water l use now.  Of course, it is by necessity, but not really a hardship.

I have filled up my on-board water tank  (not sure how big it is, maybe 20 gallons).  At first l couldn't get the pump working, it was running, just wasn't pushing any water through it.  A friend of mine looked at it.  The same friend who has helped me in the past with issues in the van.  I am pretty handy, what l have learned, l have learned from imagine how much knowledge he has!!!!  :-)  I haven't even learned the tip of the iceberg compared to him.

He unhooked it from the tank to see if it was pumping, it was, and water started to come out, he hooked it back up and Wal-la, l had water.  It must have had a hard time sucking a prime, and that little undoo-ing helped it out.  I flushed out the tank, since l had put some bleach in it a month ago, filled it up, and haven't looked back.

My city water hook up worked fine, it was just my on-board tank pump that didn't.  Now that is all fixed, life is good.  Well, it always was good, it just got liquidity good.

I left the last campground on Wednesday last week, and won't be at the other one until Wednesday of this week, so a whole week without services, and l survived.  Quite nicely too.

I've been staying in various spots, sleeping like a rock.  Although last night after l had batten down the hatches, closed my eyes and was just about to nod off, one of my blinds decided to whip up and retract.  You would think that my heart would have jumped through my chest.  It didn't.  I opened my eyes to see what happened, wasn't too concerned.  I guess l feel really safe in my little home.  As Martha Stewart says, "it's a good thing".


  1. Been following your excellent blog from the beginning..Very good site..our 1982 Tioga Motorhome is our home for 7 months a year..I have learned to bleed our waterpump when it doesn't want to prime up by opening one of the drain valves for a few moments.It works fine then..hope we can all cross paths down the road..Safe travels..Charlie & Heather

  2. Tammy, glad to hear that you are using your fresh water tank. I look forward to your new postings!

    As Charlie said, it would be great if our paths crossed sometime! We will be traveling north and east from CA heading back to TN in mid-June...... if we are in the same place, cocktails at our place!!


  3. Deal Mark. Just not sure where l will be in June.

  4. Charlie;
    It's amazing all the little tricks to get the baby running. That being said, it's also pretty simple once you know them!!!!

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