Thursday, May 17, 2012

Uphill Battle

I was over at a blog that l follow on a regular basis, the author Rae has just gone through an experience that l hope never to go through, she was rear ended while travelling in West Virginia with her Class C and toad.  The toad was a write off, and the RV suffered some damage too.

She is heading home to Quebec on a trip planned before the accident, and has just arrived, safe and sound.  She made a comment today about the consideration of other drivers, or shall we say lack of.  And l have to agree with her.

I was driving yesterday, in the Adirondack Region of New York, in my Class B Falcon, traveling from Wilmington to Lake Placid.  The terrain is hilly, and lets face it, my old girl is a wee bit slow on the uphill ride.  I've actually figured out that l can go faster if l am on cruise control (who ever invented cruise, l will forever love you!!!) then if l just jam my foot on the gas peddle.  I pretty much go to a crawl if l am not on cruise when l hit a hill.  I don't know if the Falcon has a guvnor on it restricting it from switching to high gear when not on cruise when climbing a hill, or if it is something else(anyone know - feel free to chime in).

So yesterday l was going 45 MPH uphill in a 50 MPH zone, when l was passed shortly after, which is fine with me.  I understand, l can lumber along and usually just stick at the speed limit.  What l don't understand, is about 150 yards after this guy passed me, he put on his brakes to make a right hand turn.  Really?  You couldn't wait an extra 30 seconds to get there, you had to pass me???

I always get out of the way of traffic behind me if l am going slower then posted speeds, l always stay in the right lane, and l am putting it out there, that if you are stuck behind me and l am going to slow for you, l apologize in advance.  :-)


  1. Hi Tammy, ever since you mentioned 'Travels with Miranda', I have been reading her (Rae's) blog from the very start. It's like reading a nice adventure novel. I've read about 100 pages with about 222 to go! LOL!

    But don't worry, I'll always come back to check on you too!


  2. Jeeze mark, l was going to start getting jealous......until the last line of your comment!!!! :-)

  3. Toad = dingy in U.S. :) Sorry to hear about Rae's accident. Thanks for the introduction to her blog. Have added it to my list. HugZ!

  4. Debra, I think they terms are interchangable no matter in the USA or Canada :-)