Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Don't let that pretty little face fool you.  She is an escape artist and a speed demon.  She choose to do it at a rest stop last night.  I have come to the conclusion, Charlie really doesn't like travelling at night.  I don't know why. During the day she will snooze as we drive around whether on short or long hauls.

At night, it's a different story, she gets restless, wandering around at the front of the cab, looking out the front and side windows, hopping on my lap, just like she had a shot of caffeine.

So it was a bit of a game of chase last night at 10pm in a busy rest stop.  I'm happy to say that l ultimately won the game and we are now sitting cozy in the camper van.  Charlie is trying to look all innocent, but l know better!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. A free workout at a rest stop. What amenities those highway stop-overs have these days!

    Glad your game of cat and mouse is over and everyone is safe and sound :)