Thursday, May 3, 2012


So last week l needed a heater to sleep comfortably at night.  Today l’m sweating.  It’s hot and muggy.  They were expecting thunderstorms….well they came.  I could hear them rumbling in the distance for a while.

It started casually enough a few drops here and there, then harder.  Then  the pinging …..the pinging of hail.  Pea size hail.  More rain…then quarter size hail.  I tired taking pictures, but they didn’t turn out.  I guess l need a new camera. :-)

Within the span of 15 minutes, it’s over and the sun is out again.  I’m surrounded by puddles, the hail is melting and l can open the van windows again.

One good thing, l found out my air-conditioner (roof one) works.  It cooled it off pretty good in here.  I’m not a fan of air-conditioning.  I’ve always wanted to enjoy summer in bare feet and shorts.  Summer never seems to last long enough as it is….why chill the indoors back to fall or winter l say!!

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  1. We got that hail yesterday, was really cool! I love summer weather too and unless It's unbearably hot I never run the A/C.

    In fact I think subjecting our bodies to constant temperature change is kind of a shock and may be why some people get sick in the summer. Who knows...